Frequently asked questions

    E-car charging station user

  • How do I start the charging process?
    1. Make sure that the LED ring of your charging station is green and plug in the charging cable to the station as well as to the car.
    2. Now the LED color changes to yellow. You now have a little more than 2 minutes to hold your RFID badge against the badge reader of the charging station.
    3. If the charging station has read the badge, it emits an acoustic signal. The LED ring changes to blue and the car can be charged. If you are not authorized to charge, the LED ring would change to red and then back to green.
  • I am an existing Sintio customer and cannot charge. What to do?

    Log in to the Sinto portal and check the connection status of your charging station under the «Charging stations» menu. Is it online or offline? If offline, the charging station has no Internet reception. In this case, contact the real estate management so that they can take the appropriate steps to solve the problem on site. For example, by calling an electrician to check and repair the Internet reception.

  • I am a new Sintio customer and cannot charge. What to do?

    Loggen Sie sich auf dem Sintio-Portal ein und prüfen Sie Ihre Profil-Einstellungen. Wurden RFID-Badge und Kredit- oder Debit-Karte hinterlegt? Zusätzlich gilt es zu prüfen, ob Ihnen die Verwaltung die entsprechenden Nutzerrechte auf die Ladestation erteilt hat. Klicken Sie dazu auf das Menü «Ladestationen». Ist Ihre Station ersichtlich? Wenn nicht, melden Sie sich via E-Mail auf und geben Sie an, um welche Station es sich handelt. Dann können wir Sie freischalten.

    Log in to the Sintio portal and check your profile settings. Have RFID badge and credit or debit card been registered? In addition, you need to check whether the administration has granted you the corresponding user rights to the charging station. To do this, click on the «Charging stations» menu. Is your charging station visible? If not, contact us via e-mail at and specify which charging station it is. Then we can unlock you.

  • When will my charging sessions be billed?

    As soon as the charge is complete, or you unplug the cable from the car and charging station, you will see the charge with corresponding costs on the Sintio portal dashboard. However, you are not billed immediately, but once a month. This happens always at the beginning of the month for the previous month.

    Real estate management companies and condominium associations

  • Is retroactive billing of charging stations possible?

    Yes, there is the possibility to bill charging stations through Sintio for a period in the past where you have not yet been a Sintio customer. This service is subject to a fee and will be charged according to individual effort.

  • What must be considered when registering the e-mobility electricity meter to Sintio?

    Transferring the e-mobility meter is possible in combination with the sintio.flow.fullservice subscription. The registration date must be approved by Sintio and it may only fall on a first day of the month. In addition, you must receive an installation ID from Sintio, which the energy supplier must print on the bill. Following is an example:

    Installation ID: aa1234bb-567c-8de10-acdd-f7e743f8f886